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Are you considering EMDR therapy? Do you need some kind of help to get to the root of your pain? Is it making you feel trapped? Like many, you might be seeking EMDR therapy because you realize that talking about your pain is not fixing it. You already know you can go over and over the trauma or upset in your mind, but nothing shifts.

It’s hard to be present for your life when you’re anxious about the future or ruminating about your past. Thus, life may be just a painful familiar cycle of using avoidance/numbing behavior during the day and having wakeful restless nights. 

With all of this, you know that if you could let go of the burden, you would be more available for your life now. You could have more mental space to feel free and do what you love. But you just don’t know how. You know you need professional help.

The good new is, you can get the help you need! Maybe you’ve heard of EMDR therapy from others, but don’t know if it’s right for you. You might want to try it, but have questions and concerns. Below, I’ve outlined the most commonly asked questions.

What is EMDR therapy?

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is a well know, evidence based treatment that is used to safely release trauma and pain both in the body and mind. When a traumatic or stressful event happens, your brain never stores the memory correctly. Instead, the memories are in the forefront of your mind and get triggered easily by any reminder. Your mind is clouded with memories and thoughts that you relive repetitively.

Truly, it’s a smart way the brain is designed to keep us safe, but it's unhelpful in our everyday lives. EMDR therapy will help process the memories and thoughts so they will be stored completely. Negative beliefs will be replace with more positive thinking.

What is a session like?

First, we will work together to prepare the session. We will talk about the memory, presenting problem or symptom you wish to address. We will then choose the best bilateral stimulation that feels good to you. These include, eye movement, hand pulsers, self tapping or a combination.

As your therapist, I will briefly have you focus on the thoughts, feelings, images and sensations that surround the memory or problem. While you notice all this, we will be using bilateral stimulation, which is just tones or eye movement that go back and forth from left to right. This movement resembles REM sleep and helps store the event and everything associated with it. It also helps "unlock" the brain, allowing for new insight and fresh ideas. However, the memory will not be erased, but the charge that was keeping it alive will be gone.

Is EMDR like hypnosis?

Similar to hypnosis, EMDR brings up unconscious thoughts, feeling, emotions and sensations. However, with EMDR, you will be fully awake, conscious and present.

Take the Next Step

Trauma and stress can take up residence in your life for a very long time. But only if you let it. The first step to regaining control of your life and happiness is to accept that you have a problem. Then, you can accept the help that will make recovery possible.

You deserve to live a life liberated from trauma. You have a right to recover. With EMDR therapy, you can achieve lasting clarity, sustainable peace, and a future with less emotional baggage.

Talk to me about EMDR therapy. It’s time to release your fear. Relax the grip the past has on your world and restore your ability to live life well. Think we might be a good fit? Contact us for a free consultation today to learn more about how we can help. Offering online counseling. Learn more about our HIPAA-compliant Telehealth therapy. It's time you move forward and CREATE the happiest healthiest you! Please reach out soon.

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